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Early Life

Farao was born in rural Valdres, Norway, as Kari Jahnsen. She recorded her eponymous debut EP in Iceland after moving from Oslo.

Music Career

In 2015, Farao released her first full-length named Til It’s All Forgotten. With her second release in 2018, she became popular.


The performance alias she uses is related to the folk music spirit that has inspired many more artists to derive new ideas.


Over the past seven years, Farao has contributed immensely to the music industry by creating memorable pieces.

The Ghost Ship

Marry Me


The Ghost Ship

Luster Of The Eyes

Triumph Over Me

Music Band

A team of musical prodigies backed the artist’s talent to create some of the best albums in recent times.

Ivana Rastokiva


The strokes on the strings have defined the compositions more by accentuating the whole piece into a heavenly creation.

Mathew Hipler


No plunks destroy the music since every key adds layers to the theme being presented.

Mike Thierry


For the enhancements to get the right pitch, the sticks play a crucial part. His dexterity has proven to be the soul of it.

What people say

"Everything about their compositions is worth remembering distinctly. Something special exudes out of the voice."
Sonia R. Rose
"The unique touch to the creation makes me want to go back to the same albums that have kept me alive."
Tamika E. Pridgen

Tour dates

Check out the calendar to schedule all events in life to make time for your favorite band’s performance.


  • The beautiful city of historical monuments and cultural elements calls out to you with indie music.

Sep 19


  • Fly over to the country of wonders and epic nightlife to have a great time with delectable meals and awesome live performances.

Oct 15


  • All the Emirates has a lot in store to surprise you with, and the music will only augment the effect of it all.

Dec 27


The love and acceptance that pour into our hearts are the greatest awards. Our family gets bigger every year.

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